St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church

... embracing our community, living with God in the neighborhood


Come in and join us in giving glory and honor to God in an atmosphere of sisterly and brotherly love. Our worship includes traditional and contemporary songs and music. Allow yourself to be spiritually uplifted. Come on in!


St. Gabriel’s church strives to serve its community both in body and spirit. We sponsor a life-enrichment senior center on our premises that offers a variety of activities, food and community. We host a Boy Scouts troop that endeavors to aid in the development of our young boys. Our doors are open for support in your spiritual needs. Come on in!


We offer spiritual education for the tots, youths and adults. Bring the children to our Sunday school sessions. Join our adult education classes. Become involved in Bible study Classes. Become spiritually enriched. Come on in!

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The Lord is Risen Indeed!

At St. Gabriels we gather as the offspring of a mighty God, to welcome a
happy Easter Morn, we celebrate the joyous resurrection of his Son our
Savior Jesus Christ.

We worship, sing hymns, join in the children’s’ Easter egg hunt (or watch
the ‘going-ons’ from the sidelines) and prayer together as a family,
knowing that our future is grounded in a RISEN LORD!

Easter brings a time of ‘freshness’, a renewal, a new hope for a brighter
tomorrow, these things we look forward to, keeping in our minds that one
moment in time always remains with us


Enjoy God’s blessings at this Easter time, go out and find someone to
share these blessings.


Each worry, stress or sorrow,
Each need you’re thinking of.. ..

Nail it to the Cross

And entrust it to Christ’s love.

A trial of temptation, .

A challenge hard to face.

Nail it to the Cross,
And give it to His grace.

For Christ redeemed all suffering,
All struggle, loss and death
He “nailed” the world’s salvation
As He took His final breath.

SALVATION   He nailed it!